I have new stamps, paper, and punches and even some translucent embossing paste, but I haven't started my Christmas cards yet! I even caved in and bought 2 Martha Stewart border punches. I am so NOT a Martha fan, but my wonderful friend Marsha suggested that I just think of them as EK Success punches, since that's who manufactures them. Apparently that works for me. Yes, I am easily influenced and enabled.

As for my Christmas cards, I am still sorting out the perfect design in my head - and browsing all of your wonderful blogs for inspiration as well. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't more about the shopping and less about the creating or is that just me?

I really enjoy seeing everyone else's beautiful cards and creations but at the same time it gives me a bad case of the Iwannas. You know what I mean....I wanna have that stamp, I wanna have that paper, I wanna order that new stamp set, I wanna......! I need to stop shopping and start creating! So, in lieu of any new ones, here are some more reruns from last year.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to get to stamp soon!


  1. I know what you mean by procrastination. I haven't started my cards yet either. I've been enjoying the designs from last year that you're showcasing.

  2. You sound just like me!!! I just posted a note to the effect that I'm on these BB's getting other wonderful ideas rather than sitting down and creating with what I have rather than waiting until I can get to the LSS to get this stamp or that ink or this paper or....

  3. Beautiful cards! Even if they are repeats. Thanks for the inspiration. I only have about a dozen cards done. Need to get crackin'!


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