Snow Day!

This is what we woke up to this morning - SNOW!!! Isn't it wonderful? I know, I can see you folks up north rolling your eyes and wondering what the big deal is, but we don't get much snow down this way. I have only been in NC 4 years and snow in Florida is even more rare, so I am loving this! Of course, this Florida girl is staying inside where it's warm, too. The kitties aren't happy about it, but they are inside, too. Simon did venture out once this morning and even made a little snowball but decided it was just too cold for kitties. I don't blame him!

The first photo was taken before daylight but the snow was still snow and not getting melted by the rain.

Just a little while after daylight:

I thought this looked like they have little snowcone hats on - I bet their feet are cold!

It's not snowing now but it is raining and ice is forming on the tree branches. The weatherman says it will warm up to a balmy 34 this afternoon. Fireplace weather, I think. Oh, and a good stamping day, too...stay warm, people.


  1. Jackie - What beautiful pictures! It looks so pretty and peaceful. Although I don't envy you one bit, enjoy the snow! :)

  2. Pretty pictures! Enjoy your snow and ice :)

  3. well our weather man said we were supposed to get snow too, lol, its super sunny outside!

  4. I'm jealous! It totally missed us!
    At least I have your pictures to look at.

  5. Beautiful!! But you can keep your ice!
    Diane :-)

  6. It looks so pretty where you are. In lovely Cheshire in England it is grey and rainy :o(


  7. You're funny. I am from MN but now live in CA and I so miss the snow. Thanks for sharing yours with me. I guess I could drive two hours to tahoe and see snow but it just isn't the same.


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