Addicted and tagged

My name is Jackie and I am addicted to blurfing. (everyone....Hi, Jackie). I don't have anything new to show you (and I could probably just stop typing right there, right?) because I spend TOO much time looking at everyone else's cool stuff. No, I don't want a 12 step program but I do need to step away from the computer from time to time and MAKE something, dammit. I have new stamps waiting to be inked up, birthday and thank you cards that need to be made and I want to reorganize my clear stamps into a binder. There's just not as easy way to store them. I have them in CD cases right now but I keep forgetting to look at the back sides of them.

I do actually have a couple of new cards but haven't taken the time to photograph them yet. I have a new toy! We decided that we needed a new vacuum cleaner since our cats seem to explode every now and then and the old one wouldn't pick up the fur off of this absolutely flat carpet. We ended up with a Dyson Animal and I love it!! Yes, it cost an arm and most of a leg but it has a 5 year warranty and we have easily spent that much in cheap ones over the last 5 or 6 years. I could NOT believe the stuff that got sucked up into that thing the first time I vacuumed - eewwww. Then I did it again the next day and got half again as much dust and stuff. The carpet actually looks clean for a change. Now, don't think that I never clean house because I do, really. I just needed the proper tool for the job and now I have it! Since the kitties had a bit of a discussion last night I will need to get it out again today....I never thought I would actually WANT to vacuum - ha!

Ok, on to the tagging. I was tagged by Melanie to play the Middle Name Game. The rules are that you must post the rules before you give your answers. You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name (whew, I thought I was gonna have to use my real middle name. Don't ask, I won't tell!). So, here goes:

C - cupcakes - I am currently addicted to cupcake stamps
A - adorable (just kidding) - argumentative, or hard headed as some (ahem) people say
P - procrastinator - I will rearrange my stamping stuff in order to procrastinate about making a card that I have no design in mind for.
O - open minded - no explanation needed

And there you have it. I'm sure you are beside yourself with excitement. I am supposed to tag 4 other people but I will just leave it to you - if you are reading this and want to participate, go for it!


  1. I can remember when my mum got her Dyson, she emptied it twice when she first used it! I don't think you realise how much dust etc lingers in the carpets!

  2. You are too funny - thanks for the smiles this evening! :)

  3. ahh vacuums drive me crazy my next one will be a dyson

  4. We should form a support group at the very least! I am also VERY bad about spending too much time surfing and not creating.

    My hubby and I were just talking about the Dyson Animal. I have heard sooo many good things about it and my pooch sheds like...well a dog!! And I hate to admit it but, well...I shed pretty bad myself! I have a TON and a half of super long, curly, DARK hair and hubby finds it everywhere:) Lookin' forward to new creations soon!

  5. I agree with Adorable! You are too cute! I love reading your posts!


  6. Your so funny, I'm enjoying reading your blog and looking at all of the great projects you have done!


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