Really clever punch ideas!

Check out Stacy's blog, she has a couple of excellent ideas for your punches! How do you guys come up with such cool things?? I have a flower punch, I punch out a flower.... that's about as creative as I get with punches. I guess I will have to see what I can come up with! I have added these links to My Shared Items on the left and I there may be a couple more new ones over there, too. Enjoy :-)


  1. Hi, Jackie! This is so wonderful! I've looked at packages of embellishments and thought, hmmm, this looks like something I could try with punches ... but of course I have an etch-a-sketch brain, I lean over or something and it all gets erased by the time I get home! Thanks for the link!!

  2. thanks for the heads up on the blog will go check it out

  3. Thanks for the link! I've got to try them out!


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