Used Stamp Sale and A Little Reorganization

The used stamp sale on Saturday at Stamper's Alley was a big success! There were a LOT of stamps and other stuff for sale at really good prices. This is what the tables looked like just before it opened (click the photos for a larger view):


See what I mean? LOTS of stuff. There were accessories as well as stamps and I got a few pretty good deals on a couple of retired SU sets but I gotta tell you that many of the SU sets were way overpriced and didn't sell. People are expecting near-garage sale prices at a used stamp sale, regardless of manufacturer. Ah, well. This sale is held every year so if you didn't make it this year and are in the area, it's definitely worth coming for next year.

Mandy and Janet were the first to arrive, about half an hour before it opened, and they even brought their own chairs - and breakfast as well. Good thing the weather was nice and they didn't need umbrellas, too! See, I told you I'd post it on my blog, girls! Don't they look cheerful so early in the morning?


After a day of being on my feet all day and doing some not-so-heavy lifting I thought I'd do a bit of reorganization in my stamp room (till 1:30am!). I sold quite a few stamps of my own at the sale and had taken all of the ones I kept (still alot of stamps!) out of the boxes to display them on the shelves. I liked that for a while, but again began to feel I couldn't see the forest for the (stamp) trees so last night I put them all back in boxes and re-labeled them.



I keep some of the SU sets together and some I just put in the box with similar stamps. I group them by category - flowers, leaves, birthday, etc. I don't have as many boxes as before so I can fit most of them on one shelf. It feels less crowded and cluttered in here now so I think I will keep them this way. I still have my clear sets in notebooks and these are on the shelf as well. They are in the blue and green notebooks in the center.


I label them according to what's in them:


I also put my Cuttlebug, Sizzix and QuicKutz dies in a notebook, using slide and photo sleeves. I was using baseball card pages until I saw this post on Wife2TJ's blog and I like the slide holder pages much better. The small dies and folders fit snugly now, but in the baseball card pages they tended to slip out too easily. Thanks, Samantha!

studio_may08-011 studio_may08-010

The Sizzix and QuicKutz dies fit perfectly as well and the larger CB folders are in 4 x 6 photo pages

studio_may08-012 studio_may08-009

I found this at a local Habitat for Humanity Restore a few weeks ago and it holds all of my colored pencils beautifully. The tag said it was a flatware caddy for a dishwasher.

studio_may08-014 studio_may08-013

These are my PaperTrey, Lizzie Anne and GinaK stamp sets, all nicely labeled and organized. The clear labels are hard for me to see, so I printed some with my label printer and trimmed them (a little crookedly) to fit on the ends of the CD cases. The little cubes are from Staples, they were a gift and came in a set of three, one of which had 2 drawers that I use to store some flowers in but not in the cube.


I have way too many flowers (is that possible??) and am working on getting them all in these cute little glass jars that I can get at Wal Mart for 77 cents each.


If you are still here I will reward you with a photo of my George Clooney Shrine that hangs on the door to my stamp room. I got the hat and poster when I went to see him in Salisbury (that almost sounds like we had a dinner date, doesn't it?? If only!) and he autographed the poster for me...*sigh*. We saw the movie when it came out last month and really liked it!


Wow, this was a long post - thanks for sticking with me! Have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow Jackie your so organized! Great job, wish I was so organized... Wanna come over?? LOL
    I need to have a sale also, but I won't give them away. I would rather keep them myself. Hoarder you say... hmmmmm

  2. Sounds like you had a great turnout and I love your stamp room. Can I come over and play someday? :)

  3. Hi Jackie! Janet and I got such a kick out of seeing ourselves on your blog! My husband loved it, too. He hears all about the sale all the time, so it was good to show him what it's all about! See you soon. Happy stamping! Mandy

  4. Wow Jackie! I love your stamp room. Thanks for the pics and link for the die storage. It is brilliant! I am going to do this to! Thank you for the inspiration.

    When my DD saw the stamps on that table she said, "That's a lot of stamps!" My thoughts exactly! lol

  5. O M G ,how fabulous was the stamp sale xxxx
    please please please can i come to live at your house and live in your fabulous craft room ,Dawnx

  6. wow thats a sale and look how organized too. good job

  7. Wow - great organization.

    Uhhh... whanna come over and help me with my space? I'll make brownies.

  8. Look at you all organized. Wanna come clean my room ;)

  9. Love your organization. Glad the cuttlebug holders worked well. I did go to the stamp sale at stampers alley, but didn't get their till after 1 pm ( I had to work that am ) their was stuff left, but I didn't find anything. I really wish I had gotten that day off of work and could have gone first thing in the am. It was pretty picked through by the time I got there. We will have to get together sometime since you live so close by! Talk to you soon! -Samantha

  10. wow i love your organization. great ideas!!

  11. Oh my gosh, the stamp sale looks amazing, so does you craft room!! Jules x

  12. wow wish I was there for the sale LOL...Great oraganizing tips.

  13. Oh how I wish we lived closer, I'd love to play in that craft room!
    It's so organized!
    Wish I could of been at that sale too! Looks like it was fun!


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