When to leave well enough alone

You may notice that my blogroll along with other items on the left are gone. Well, that's because I tried to put up a new template and said Yes when it told me that all widgets would be deleted, thinking that I had saved the previous template and all would be well. Apparently it doesn't save the content of said widgets. I should have known better, but I will add them back a little at a time and if you would like to be included it would sure save some time if you could post your blog address for me!

I was able to get my shared items back at least! Stoopid computers! If anyone knows of a way to import URLs from Google Reader, please feel free to share it with me. Their help files aren't terribly helpful, I'm afraid.

So, hang in there and all will be back to normal soon (I hope). The other template was really pretty though :-(.

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