Happy Birthday!!

To my dear, sweet husband. Yesterday was his birthday and this is what he got (along with some sort of wheel thingie for his trailer):


There are more cupcakes but they wouldn't all fit in the photo. here's a closer view of the card:


BoBunny paper, SU stamp and punch, stars cut with a Sizzix die.

He had a wonderful day, and we went to dinner at Applebee's. Then today I sort of threw him a party at the coffee shop he goes to on Thursdays. He goes there other days, too, but he enjoys Thursdays not only because it's free coffee day but because there are alot more of his friends there. It is a very patriotic coffee shop which is frequented by alot of veterans, from WWII on. So, knowing that he would be there for lunch today I got some mini cupcakes, a birthday balloon, and a special cupcake for him and took them down there as a surprise. Boy, was he surprised! They all sang happy Birthday to him and gave him a hard time about being old (He's not old. Well, not real old - Hi, Honey!) A good time was had by all and I hope it is one birthday he will remember for a long time. I love you, sweetie!


  1. You are too sweet to throw him a surprise party like that. Wish him a happy belated birthday.
    Nice card btw.

  2. What a nice idea to throw him a little party at the coffee shop--no mess, no cleaning your house! I love it! You're such a good wife :D

  3. Aren't you sweet? and what a great card!

  4. Those cupcakes look yummy!

    I know the coffee shop you are referring too. My mom takes swimming at the Sr. Center on Monday & Wed. and she and her friend have lunch there afterwards. The waitress always takes care of them!

  5. Super cute card and the cupcakes look good too :)

  6. Yum those cupcakes look devine. And the card is pretty cool too.

  7. Gorgeous card! And those cupcakes look delicious.


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