We have a new addition to our family

Isn't he adorable??


We went down to Kitty City in Concord on Thursday evening to take a kitty condo that our cats had outgrown and this little guy just won me over. He is about 4 months old and a real sweetie. The other kitties aren't that crazy about him but Simon is adjusting pretty well. Miss Kitty doesn't like anyone except DH so I'm not surprised by that but she won't hurt him. She actually runs from him and she's 3 times his size! He's a real snuggler and will be a perfect addition to our family. We haven't decided on a name yet, we're waiting to see what fits him. Theodore, Spike....?



  1. What an adorable kitty! We have two that look very much like him, and they were not friends and first, now they sleep together, play and follow each other around all day.

    Funny thing is that hubby was the one most against having two kitties, and now he is the one that plays with them the most ; ) (he thought that having two cats instead of one wouldn't work, but it has most wonderfully)

  2. Can you say SSSSOOOO CUTE!! I can see why you couldn't leave without him. He looks very much at home already. Lucky kittie!

  3. Id name him BUTLER, cuz of the white fur at his chest, made me think of a Butler (no I dont have one!! LOL)
    Hes too cute, and looks so friendly!!

    I love your blog, and thanks for visiting mine and your sweet comment!!

  4. Theodore, Spike....?
    Please don't name your poor cat either of these names!


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