Cuttlebug Border Embossing Folder Solution

These border folders are really cool and I was a little disappointed when they left a crease on either edge of the folder and also flattened the texture of Bazzill cardstock. Jay has posted several really good solutions on her blog, Indigo Inklings, and I just found another one. I have the Big Shot so I don't know how it would work in the Cuttlebug, since they don't have a Multipurpose Platform. Maybe shim on the bottom with a little chipboard?

Here's the sandwich I used - from the bottom up:

  • The Multipurpose Platform using Tab 2
  • Cardstock with the embossing folder
  • Black Sizzix embossing mat or tan Spellbinders embossing mat
  • Clear plate

Roll it through and Voila! - no edge marks! The tan mat seems to be the same thickness as the black one, but it does flatten the paper texture slightly more for some reason. No need to cut the mats either, just lay them down as they are.

I don't have a band saw so I didn't cut up my acrylic plates but I did buy craft sticks, which do work well, but I like this method much better - so now what do I do with all of those craft sticks???? Good thing they were cheap.


  1. You make popsickle cards! See Angie Juda's Chicken Scratch blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Give the magnets a try. I think there's lots of possibilities there.


  2. Give some to me. :-( Huh? Jackie!!! LOLOL I would be glad to reimburse you. I saw those at Hobby Lobby and thought. Don't get those. How would you use all of them? Maybe when we meet next?


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