A Little Poem

Apostrophe (Oh Christmas Tree)

by Eileen Thorpe

Apostrophe, apostrophe
You drive me oh so batty.
Apostrophe, apostrophe
Your overuse is a travesty.
Some people just can’t get enough
They must think you’re hot stuff
Apostrophe, apostrophe
Some rules to avoid catastrophe.

It’s hers and theirs and yours and its
when you want to possess a bit
And when you need to pluralize,
You don’t need to apostrophize.
And what of words that end in esess?
An apostrophe will only make a mess’s.

I wonder why you so confuse
I’m sure you’re tired of this abuse.
Apostrophe, apostrophe
You drive me oh so batty.

Ok, I'll quit now.


  1. My college writing professor flunked any paper with even one comma error. We need teachers who can be as demanding about apostrophes and correct word usage! ~chris

  2. Jackie.. you are cracking me up!


  3. I LOVE IT!!! I am cutting & pasting this right now. I am so apostrophe-anal, it drives me crazy when I see them used incorrectly! THANK YOU! Of course I would never point out someone else's error! Eeek, did I just use one incorrectly?


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