Creepy Spiders Everywhere!

Ok, so maybe not so creepy, but they are spiders.

spiders 003-1

15 of them, to be exact. DH is taking them to the girls/women that work in his section of the office tomorrow, for Halloween. These little guys are so much fun to make and the first time I saw them on SCS I knew this is what I'd be doing for Halloween at the office this year. As usual, I cut it a little close. I just finished them up about an hour ago, but I did finish them!

Now I can move on to Fall/Thanksgiving cards. I just love the Autumn colors of green, burnt orange, deep reds and yellows, with a little brown thrown in for good measure. Autumn has arrived in NC and I love it! It was quite nippy for a couple of days but now it's slowly warming up to the 70s during the day. Perfect weather, IMHO. Might even be perfect Renaissance Festival weather this weekend!

Have a good evening everyone and Happy Halloween....bwahahahahaha.

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