There's a new sheriff in town....


Doesn't he look dangerous? Well, the other kitties in the house think he does, and you know what? They're right!! I have the scratches to prove it. He's just a baby, about 3 months old and will grow out of it (we hope!). DH was at work when they found him in the parking lot, up on one of the truck tires. One of the girls he works with (Hi, Kristin!) snatched him up and took him to PetSmart. She got rid of his fleas, bought a carrier, food, toys, and even a blankie, but couldn't take him home with her because she rescued another one the week before so he came to live with us. We sent the "accessories" back to her since we have all of that stuff, but she will certainly be prepared for the next rescue. That one won't come live with us - four is my limit! He's been to the vet, gotten his first round of shots, been de-wormed, tested for FLV and HIV (the feline kind) and is good to go. He's still too young to be neutered but will be as soon as he's old enough.

He eats like there's no tomorrow and loves to play with the other varmints, although Alex is the only one that will play with him. The other two just hiss at him and go hide from him. He's a sweet little kitty and we love him to pieces already. His name is Michael (David got to name this one), Mikey for short. This is his second favorite pastime, right behind climbing my legs:


I did get some Halloween cards made and will post those soon. I can't believe it's almost November already! The weather here has turned quite chilly and the leaves are starting to fall. There is a fair amount of color this year but I don't think it's hit the peak here yet. I just hope the wind doesn't blow all of the leaves off too soon - I love the colors of Autumn leaves!

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  1. OMG - he is soooo cute. Maude (my gray kitty) is sitting on the arm of my chair staring at him - I think she's in love! ~chris

  2. I'm so glad he is part of your family!! The picture is precious! Please give him kisses from Aunt Kris. The leg climbing bit is hilarious!

  3. He's so cute. Our last one, also #4, was a farm kitten. He's orange and so funny. He's King Arthur. All our pets have midevil names. All of our cats have so different personalities. It's a zoo here. I'm so glad you have a loving heart to take in "strays". Really they aren't strays, they're just looking for people who will wait on them. "Dogs have owners, Cats have servents"


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