Snow Day!!!

Yes, it's snowed, finally. It looks like we got 2 - 3 inches of the lovely white stuff and I love it! I did take some photos of it all and wish I had been able to get more last night. It was all over the trees and branches.... so pretty. Most of it had blown off of the trees by this morning. The kitties aren't too sure what to make of this wet, cold stuff but Alex is braving the elements and hanging out outside - silly cat. The rest are snuggly warm in the house, sleeping away.

This was last night while it was falling. It was coming down pretty good in big, poofy flakes.

feb309 001

And this is what it looked like this morning:

feb309 007

Pay no attention to the trailer across the street...

feb309 020

feb309 022

Alex isn't quite sure about the whole thing:

feb309 010

The front sidewalk - what a pretty pattern:

feb309 015

Poor little Mikey:

feb309 029

Sort of resembles an ice cream cone, doesn't it?

feb309 009

It's starting to melt in places now :-( Stay warm everyone!


  1. So pretty, but so scary for the poor kitties! I've only had one cat that ever liked the snow (out of about 11 total). Stay warm and dry! ~chris

  2. Oh look at your cats! How cute they are! And sooooo big! Hoping the snow goes away soon!

  3. We got about the same amount last night, I was sort of surprised this morning. Got out about noon and the roads were fine. See you soon!

  4. Wow! We got about 10 minutes of snow yesterday ... no accumulation though.

  5. Great snow pictures. Our cat does not like to go out in the snow either. Good thing we don't get much of it.


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