Mail Scam Alert

Not that any of you would fall for this, but please pass it on. I received a letter in the mail from a company in Canada named National Survey, with a check for $1750. They want me to deposit it, draw out $1280 in cash and wire it to some woman in Orlando as part of a Secret Shopper "training program". Yeah right. Total scam. I reported it to the TV news stations and we'll see if they run it but I wanted to get the word out here, too. It all looks very official and I’m afraid with the economy being what it is that more people will fall for it this time.

I don’t know how they got my name and address, but I suppose that’s not that hard to come by these days. You’d think the banks would want to know, and law enforcement, but I doubt there’s anything they could do about it anyway. Any ideas who else I should contact, if anyone?

Please pass the word – you just never know what someone will fall for.


  1. Hi Jackie
    There was a news story on TV last week. This is the biggest scam going around right now. The head of the BBB was being interviewed. They are trying to stop it. As soon as they get the location of the operation they move. They think they move to a new location about every 4 days.


  2. Hi Jackie,

    Since you received this in the mail it should be reported to the Post Office who in turn will report it to the Postmaster General's fraud squad. They actually do investigate this stuff as it is illegal to use the mails for this purpose.

    Good thing you were too smart to fall for this one. - Jean


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