Snow, really.

About 6+ inches of it here, topped off with some sleet. Brrrrrrr. The cats have finally settled down and accepted the fact that a trip outside is not happening today. It’s a good thing they did, or else a trip outside would indeed be in their future, snow and all ;-).

The beef stew is in the crock pot and I have all of the ingredients I need for Bakerella’s yummy Peach Crunch Cake, kitties are sleeping, DH is snoring on the couch…life is good. I took a few photos of the snow, just because I always take photos of any snow we get here. Hey, I’m a relocated Floridian, cut me some slack, willya?

Doesn’t that flower pot look like an ice cream cone? Or a SnoCone….ok, I’ll stop.

2010Jan 014 

You can barely see the heads of my little clay friendship circle people under all that snow, poor little guys.

2010Jan 009

There is an asphalt driveway somewhere under all that gorgeous snow and a road between it and the mailbox. There has been a little traffic out there today but nothing like the usual. Peaceful and quiet – I like it.

2010Jan 017

To reward you for suffering through my snow photos here is a simple card I made last week.

2010Jan 013

Penny Black stamp, Martha Stewart Grass Border Punch, colored with Copic markers.

I’m off to pour another cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet a little while longer. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  1. I love the snow photos! we are just getting a little ice, very messy. I take snow pictures too, thank goodness for digital cameras, no paying for all that film :)

  2. Well, I for one, enjoyed those snow pictures. Funny, I'm an Ohio girl presently in Florida for a few months! I do enjoy the snow, as long as I can stay inside, warm and cozy, and enjoy the beauty. Thanks for the pics! And I love your card!

  3. I love the snow. I actually love snow in general, as long as I do not need to shovel it. So peaceful.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day! Your snow is gorgeous, but keep it out there as things have been quite nice here and look to be for at least another week. We've had snow into June before, so I know that we're not done by any means, but ... Love your card! You do such a fine job of coloring! Enjoy! ~chris

  5. Your photos are beautiful as is the property you have. Great views! I love the colors on this card! And its simplicity is very elegant. I loved reading how you have snow, stew in the crockpot, hubby snoring, etc. What a great environment! Best, Curt

  6. We had about 8" and it froze on top of that. Your card may be simple, but it's very beautiful and has a simple elegance too!


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