Crocheted Bloomers

Doesn’t that sound incredibly uncomfortable? Fortunately I am talking about the flowery type of bloomer and not the kind worn as undergarments.

I haven’t been inspired to create any cards lately, in spite of having a few new stamps that need to be inked up, so I created a few more flowers. I was blurfing (blog surfing, technical term) the other day and came upon a couple of YouTube videos for crocheted flowers.  So I whipped out my trusty crochet hooks, grabbed some yarn and followed along.

These are so simple to make and they work up very quickly. The video is here.

The first 2 were made with embroidery thread and the third one was made with Paton Grace yarn. On the 2nd and third ones I think I did 3 treble crochets instead of two, for a wider petal. She added buttons in the video and as you can see, I didn’t. Maybe next time.

flowers 009 flowers 010 flowers 011

This one is a different pattern which can be found here, and the video is here. I used the Paton Grace yarn for this one, too, but I will be making some with embroidery thread very soon. I think they would be prettier with either the thinner embroidery thread or using a larger crochet hook. This one looks a little bulky to me.

flowers 012

So that’s it for today – get out those crochet needles and make some for yourself. They make cute little embellishments for cards or even small gift boxes. They would be adorable on hats or purses, too.

YouTube is a wonderful resource for all things crafty. I have a channel – here – and you can subscribe if you like. I have quite a few videos saved there – everything from card making and crocheting to funny cat videos. I have categorized some of them, but many of them are not. Another thing on my list for “one of these days”.

Happy crocheting!


  1. Oh, I have been wanting to try these, I think yours turned out great! Love the crocheted bloomers LOL! My dad had underwear made out of fabric feed sacks when he was growing up..true story..He got hit by a car and wasn't hurt bad, but they wanted to take him to the hospital and he wouldn't go because of his home made underwear. :)

  2. Laughed out loud at your title! I've never done crochet. May have to give it a try. These would be terrific on a package.


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