I like shiny things

I do. A lot. I put a fair amount of them on this card. See?
blog_062310 013
I warned you. It started out as a one layer CAS design, but I just couldn’t stand it. So I stamped the butterflies and let it sit for a while. I came back and wasn’t happy with it. I added the gems to the bodies of the butterflies and walked away.
When I came back I still was not happy with it. So I added some more bling – the bluish gems. They needed some balance so I added the green gems. That made me happy. It is still only one layer. Does it still qualify as CAS (clean and simple) or did the bling knock it out of the ballpark? I don’t know.
blog_062310 014
Shiny things. Sparkly things. It’s all good.

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  1. I love all the sparklies and I think it is a lovely card!


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