Nestie organization

I have seen several ideas for organizing these little beauties lately so I thought I’d share my method. This is version 4.5.2 – I have tried lots of different methods and as my collection grew I had to revisit my storage options. Since I have a relatively small space, a 10’ x 11’ room with limited wall space, baskets have become my BFFs. I like to keep most things out where I can see them, so I can remember that I have them – and you all know exactly what I mean – so pretty baskets are the ticket for me. At times it does get overwhelming, with so much out in plain view. I feel like I should be utilizing more of my schtuff on cards and find it difficult to be content with making simpler designs. I’m working on that :-).

I found these baskets on sale at Hobby Lobby a while back and they are the ideal size for storing Nestabilities and Cuttlebug, Sizzix and QK embossing folders.

My PTI dies are so small I just keep them in the original little zipper bags in the front of the basket. There are some larger QuicKutz dies behind those and then the Nestabilities. That large zig zag die in the back on the left side is a PTI die, too. The larger Nestabilities are in the very back – they are too tall to completely fit into the envelopes and still be able to close them, but that’s ok.

009  013

These are the CD envelopes I use. I bought them at Staples or Target and they aren’t very expensive at all. They are a heavy translucent vinyl , several colors to a box, with a little half circle tab to tuck the top flap into for closure.


They are the perfect size. I cut the packaging to fit (more or less) and slip it into the envelope, put the dies in and tuck in the flap. I have thought of putting in dividers for the various kinds of dies (circles, flowers, ovals, etc.) but haven’t found that to be necessary just yet. I started out color coding them – circles in orange, ovals in purple, etc., but that didn’t work out too well either. Too many of one kind of die, not enough of that color envelope.

011 010 

Cuttlebug folders fit into the baskets very nicely,too. I love the bright colors of the baskets – it adds a little color to my work space. The walls are still white and I am not about to paint them now so I will use containers and accessories to add pops of color here and there.


Does anyone have any suggestions for avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed by having so much schtuff? NO, purging is not an idea I am very open to at the moment. I did sell quite a bit at the last used stamp sale up at Stamper’s Alley and don’t miss any of it. But, seriously, the right tool for the job, the perfect color of ink/paper/ribbon/brad/flower….aside from going completely Stampin’ Up how else is there is to accomplish that?

I’d love to hear your ideas. Do you think that having cabinets and drawers is a better idea? Is NOT seeing too much stuff out in full view easier? If nearly everything was in cabinets and tucked away I would have to open the doors to look for things, so it’s not like I could forget I have them, right? Or do I just need to get over it??

Help me out here, I’m listening.


  1. I think your system is super! The colorful baskets are pretty, and like you say, they're in the open to remind you to use them. I have done the same with most of my stamps......woods are out on shelving to either side of my work surface, and the clings and clears are in plastic baskets (but not as pretty as yours). Then everything else is in plastic bins in drawer form stacked under my work surface, close enough to me to be able to just lean over and grab, inks in one drawer, adhesives in another, punches in another, etc.

    Thanks for sharing this pretty storage idea, Jackie!

  2. I have my Nesties stuck to magnet sheets and stored in 5x7 photo pages in a 3-ring binder. Quite handy, and it only takes up a binder's width of space on a shelf in my cabinet.

    I have all my embossing folders in one of those blue CB zippered cases designed for storing ... CB stuff.

    But now that I see your pretty baskets, I kinda like the idea of those CD envelopes. I don't have the original Nestie packaging with mine, and I never remember what is what, as if the name made a difference. ;/

  3. Thanks Jackie. I keep my Nesties stored in a binder system. I bought CD wallets that holds 72 (two to a page) and I have each Nestie set on a magnetic sheet stored in a slot. I have them organized as to type (circles, squares etc.). I have two of them...one for Nesties and one for Pendants.

    They take up four inches of space on my bookshelf and I love just being able to take the binder where ever I am working.


  4. I love these baskets and those envelopes, my next trip to town I am stopping at Staples! I can't help because I have trouble deciding whether I want everything hidden away in drawers or out where I can see them easily. Right now you've got me headed to my room to see if the drawers I have my folders in are tall enough to stand them up instead of laying down like they are now.
    sorry didn't mean to write a book :)


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