A Little Reorganization

I spent a little quality time with my ribbon collection, winding it up to fit in the new containers. Well, as we all know, one thing leads to another and I ended up doing just a wee bit of reorganization to go along with my new ribbon storage solution.

What started out like this (and was a little more crowded because this is an old photo) -


ended up like this -



Of course, that isn’t all of my ribbon but it is a good portion of it. The only limitation I found to this system is that, depending on the thickness of the ribbon, you can only fit about 3 yards of ribbon in each slot. Since most of what is in here came on spools of more than 3 yards I stored the rest in a box in the closet. I did give away some of it to my daughter and her roommate, both of whom are card makers/crafters, so it went to a good home. I have sworn off buying any new ribbon until I have depleted a LOT of what I already have.

The racks, formerly known as ribbon racks, have a new purpose -


Big-honkin’-punch storage! Yes, I see that row of ribbon. Papertrey and Stampin’ Up ribbon, to be exact. I have more than 3 yards of each one and will put those into containers when I get them. Since they match card stock I wanted to keep them separate for now. I know, there’s more ribbon hanging there, too, but most of that is a yard or two here and there, and I didn’t want to take up valuable slots with so little yardage right now. Again, as I get more containers, I will revisit the hanging ribbons.

Since I was able to clear a few shelves by moving the big punches to a new home, my punch shelves got a little reorganization, too.


The overexposed shelf (forgot to turn off the light, duh!) are Martha Stewart punches. The baskets on the bottom shelf hold flowers – silk flowers, paper flowers, felt flowers….lots and lots of flowers. They used to live on a shelf over my workspace and it was getting a little overcrowded up there. It’s better now.


Jars of buttons and big background stamps now occupy the space. Do you think I have too many background stamps? No? Really?? Ok, good. Because I like background stamps and I’m going to keep them. I might even buy some more.

I didn’t do all of this all by myself, though. Oh, no! I had a helper…


That’s Michael. He is my sweetie cat. He is also known as the Chunky Monkey – he’s addicted to cat treats and it shows. He likes to come in here every so often and see what kind of trouble he can get into. This time he jumped up on to the shelf and crawled behind the drawer stacks, and I had to take the drawers out to get him out from behind them. The white IKEA drawers are deeper than the plastic ones on top, so there is a perfect little kitty hideaway back there. Or so he thought. Doesn’t he look like he’s found the perfect spot for a cat nap? I love the kittehs and he is my baby. He’s such a sweet kitty and a good snuggler, too.

That’s all I have for today, peeps. Thanks for checking in and feel free to leave a comment to let me know you were here, I really enjoy reading them.


  1. Wow, Jackie, I am SO jealous - you could open your own store!! Everything looks nice and neat and organized!

  2. love all your wonderful storage! those ikea drawers look fabulous and I love your helper :) He is too cute!

  3. WOW! I thank you, by the way, for making me feel better about MY punch storage. :)

  4. I so LOVE what you've done w your space - TFS! It COULD even inspire me to get organized (hey, it could happen!)!

  5. Awesome space, Jackie! I got some good ideas!

  6. oh my gosh......let me pick up my jaw so i can tell you, 'YOU GOT A LOT OF STUFF'!! wow!

  7. Awesome organization! This is a great set up! Great idea for the rack on the door to now hold punches! Brilliant. And the photo of "chunky monkey" is adorable. What a pretty cat! Best, Curt

  8. Way too neat. I am going through boxes in my garage and getting rid of more things and still not neat. LOLOL


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