Ribbon Organization

I probably should have said “Future Ribbon Organization”, since I only have one little roll of ribbon in here so far.


I found these at the convention last weekend. Inky Antics was selling them and ran out, they were so popular. I think Brenda may start carrying them at Stamper’s Alley, at least I hope so because I will need more. I bought 4 of them, which translates to 144 slots for ribbon. Actually it can hold more because there are separators that can be inserted between the ribbon rolls if you have narrower ribbon. They are not terribly expensive either. The started kit contains 5 ribbon containers, the tray to keep them in and the spooler and I think it’s $19.95. A package of 6 containers was $12.95.

I have a LOT of ribbon and need to get busy organizing it but I have been, as usual, procrastinating. I want to get an Etsy shop started, I need to put together a Hero Arts class, and make some cards and earrings for this not-yet-existent Etsy shop, and the list goes on. I will post more photos once I get it all together.

Anyway, here are some links if you want more info about the ribbon organization system:

Inky Antics

As I said, I think Brenda may be looking into getting them for Stamper’s Alley so if you are local, you might want to wait and see – no shipping charges!

I hope you are all staying cool on this sweltering summer day. If we had a pool that’s where I would be today.


  1. These are really nice. You made me laugh with your "only one spool" comment. Too funny. Hope you are well. Best, Curt

  2. that looks like a good way to organize. like the spooler that comes with it. can't wait to come to the store for some shopping, been watching all the new goodies that have been posted. hope some are left when we get there. :)

  3. I should look into these!!


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