Mission Accomplished

I am now, or will soon be, the proud owner of a current NC drivers license. We went to the DMV in Statesville and although there were a lot of people waiting, and we did have to wait for 2 hours, it was a much more pleasant experience. We had some interesting people to talk to, and the employees were not snarky at all. I only missed one sign – I called it a triangle. Not even close to correct. It was Passing Zone or No Passing Zone, I forget which.

Brenda and Harold stopped by, bearing gifts, this afternoon. She is trying desperately to turn me into a gardener. She brought me this:


Is that not the most adorable thing you have ever seen? His head wobbles and he has gorgeous green eyes made of sparkly glass. He has a springy tail but it’s hidden behind the flowers. That’s an azalea in the pot, and it is absolutely beautiful. Let’s hope I can keep it that way. I will do my best.

She actually made a card for me, a rare treat indeed. We always tease her about the cards she sends. Sometimes she does make them herself, but she also buys cards from other card makers. There’s just not enough hours in the day when you own a stamp store and have a life, too.


It’s beautiful, I love it! Her cards are always so pretty, she is very talented and creative.

But wait, there’s more. She knows the way to my heart!


Now, as any well-informed birthday girl knows, there are no calories in anything on your birthday. Plus, this is healthy cake. Look closely. There is real fruit in there. Peaches. I swear! And on top, too. Look at the strawberry. Vitamin C. Very tasty healthy cake.

My plan was to save it for tomorrow. That didn’t work out so well.


It was delicious. DH helped me with it a little bit. Speaking of DH…this is his contribution to this wild and crazy calorie-free celebration:


Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. OMG. It is a small, but very deadly, cake. I mentioned the other day that all I really wanted for my birthday was a SLICE of this chocolatey goodness from a local bakery. Yes, they sell it by the slice. The “healthy” slice of cake from Brenda and Harold came from that same bakery. Well, in typical male fashion all he heard was blah, blah, blah chocolate cake, and blah, blah, blah, La Patisserie. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Oh, no, not at all. Neither is he, since he will have to help out with this confectionery masterpiece. On second thought….maybe he did hear what I said after all – could there be a method to his madness? Hmmm. At any rate, I see many miles on the treadmill at the gym in my near future.

The mailman brought more birthday cards today, from crafty and non-crafty friends.

From Claire in St. Augustine. She never forgets my birthday. I still miss her very much.


From Princess and Deen, friends and clients in Arkansas:


The inside says, “…dance as though no one who is qualified to commit you is watching”. LOL! I wish those bathing suits would come back in style again. Then I could go back to the beach and not scare small children. Love those hats, too.

Thank you all for stopping by and we will return to our normally scheduled programming later in the week. Now you must excuse me, I do believe I just heard a chocolate cake calling me. Yes, I definitely did. I’ll be right there…..

Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, it’s my birthday today! You don’t really need to know how old I am, do you? Not that it matters to me anyway. Some days I feel much older than I am, and other days I am quite surprised when look in the mirror. Who is that old lady and why is she in my bathroom, and wearing MY nightgown? The nerve! Oh, wait, that’s me. Ok, I’m 55 today. Seriously? How can that be? When did that happen?? Where have the years gone?

Do any of you feel that way? I can’t possibly be THAT old! It gets a little trickier every year too – finding the right clothes and shoes, getting the right haircut, carrying the perfect purse, etc. I don’t want to look like an old lady (because I’m not!), but I don’t want to be “that woman”, either. You know the one I mean. She’s 60 if she’s a day, but she’s still in denial. Tight clothes, electric blue eye shadow, cherry red lipstick, hair teased up to heaven and bleached within an inch of its life, lacquered nails that should be registered as lethal weapons. No, I don’t want to be her. But I don’t want to be my grandmother, either. It’s a tough age. It also doesn’t feel as old as I thought it would when I was 20. That’s a good thing.

I will probably always be a smart ass with a rather sarcastic, and slightly twisted, sense of humor. I may even be a crazy cat lady someday. With 4 cats I’m well on my way, don’t you think? I can’t let my hair be grey just yet, either. I’m still too young for that. Mademoiselle L’Oreal is my BFF.

I feel very lucky and blessed. I am in good health (let’s not talk about weight, ok?), I have a husband who loves me and supports my stamping addiction hobby, children that I love with all my heart and that I miss very much, very dear friends that I cherish, a comfortable house, a nice car to drive (yes, with heated leather seats, dear), four sweet kitties, lots of stamping toys….life is good and I am grateful, very grateful.

Our 14th anniversary was last week and we received some beautiful anniversary cards from friends.

From Emogene and Buddy -


From Pat and Joe -


This is the one I made for my sweetie -


I have received some lovely birthday cards, too.

From Pat – what an adorable kitty! She hates to color, but she did it just for me. So sweet!


From Emogene – she makes the most amazing creations!


From Vicki – I envy her cutting-out skills, that flower is perfect -


From Andrea – she takes some beautiful photos -


Thank you all for thinking of me :-)

As you are reading this I am probably wasting away at the DMV waiting to get my license renewed. What a way to start a birthday celebration, right? Totally my fault, though. I got the renewal card in the mail a few months ago but didn’t really read it. This is my first license renewal in NC. In Florida we renewed online and it was not a big deal. P.I.T.A. here! Long lines and snarky DMV employees. Your tax dollars at work. Right. I plan on being there when they open tomorrow morning and maybe I will only have to wait a couple of hours instead of A L L day. DH has volunteered to accompany me and I appreciate that very much. I waited for 2 hours the other day at another local DMV (with snarky employees), and the last straw was when the entire staff went to lunch for an hour and just left us all sitting there. I know! So I left before I had a meltdown. I also found it a little disconcerting, and perhaps a sign that I’m approaching over-the-hillness, that I was one of the very few without a “smart phone”. Texting, web surfing, and emailing was going on all around me and there I sat with my plain ol’ vanilla it-just-makes-phone-calls cell phone. Well, it does have a camera. Hmmm. I even forgot to take a book to read. Good times.

So, I’ll suck it up and try again tomorrow. I have no choice now. My license expires tomorrow, so I will have to endure whatever long lines and snarky employees there may be. Lesson learned, though. Next time I will make an appointment. Which, btw, was NOT mentioned on the renewal card. Thanks so much, dear DMV. Very helpful.

One cool bit of trivia before I go – this year my birthday is 8-9-10.    I know, I’m easily amused.