A little behind

I wish I had one of those….a little behind…get it? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Nothing new on my craft table yet but I did want to share a couple of very clever gifties that I received the other day. These are so adorable!

We had a birthday dinner for a friend and Vicki brought us all one of these:




Do they come in bigger containers?? I could use some more, I think. I do love the Christmas season but I can’t say I care for the stress of shopping. It’s cold, everywhere is crowded, I don’t know what to get, money is tight…..there are lots of reasons. I would be just as happy to send cards and visit with friends than have to deal with gift giving, and receiving. Enough whining, on to the next cutie.

This was also from Vicki – she is so clever! I don’t know if you can read the poem or not, but I hope you can.


And here is the “homemade fudge”, which suits me just fine, actually. Chocolate in any form is good, except if it has nuts in it. Thank you, Vicki, for leaving out the nuts!


That’s all I have for today. I need to get started on Christmas cards very, very soon, time is slipping by too quickly. I also need to change the blog background but by the time I get around to that Christmas will be over, I’m sure. Maybe a nice winter theme would work. Hmmmm.

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season and keeping the stress level to a minimum!


  1. I love the Grinch Pills! So funny! I'm going to have to steal this and make one for my mom =)

  2. Both of these are adorable! And so creative in their accompanying verses too. The homemade chocolate made me laugh. So cute. My small family did something about all the stress this year. We decided that we would not exchange gifts this year and just be together for the day. I'm fixing dinner and we will sit and eat, play games, and listen to Christmas music. It has been great not having to deal with the crowds. Now, stop reading this and go finish your cards!!!! LOL Best, Curt

  3. Ha! Those are awesome...love the grinch pills!


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