White Christmas!

The weather forecast was for a white Christmas here yesterday and I was pretty disappointed when I didn’t wake up to snow on the ground, but it started about 5pm and I think it is still snowing a little bit outside now. This is the first time it was snowed here on Christmas since 1947. It is so beautiful! DH took DD to work so I didn’t have to get out in it and I am very grateful for that! I did get some photos this morning, though, without going too far out in it.


Judging by the snow piled up on the porch railing, it looks like we got about 6 inches or so.


Alex would rather be outside no matter the weather. Silly cat!


I’m glad the bird feeder was filled yesterday, thanks to my DH. The birds appreciated it very much. We don’t have it sitting on the ground by choice, the snow has bent the branch that much! It usually hangs about 5 feet up.


Mama cardinal trying to stay warm and waiting her turn at the feeder. Brrrr.


Stay warm everyone!

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  1. Pretty pics! The mama bird looks fluffy! Beautiful! If my feeder was on the ground, the squirrels would keep the birds out of it. ;(

    We have NO snow, and we are way north of you. Too far inland, I guess. Enjoy the white stuff! (Crazy cat.)


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