Glitter and Copics and Stickers, oh my!

When I was at Stamper’s Alley last week I saw a gorgeous little cupcake image, all glittered up and colored with Copics. I couldn’t figure out how it was done, so I asked Brenda and she spilled the beans. Stamper’s Alley will soon be having a class on these wonderful new products and if you are in the area you really should stop in a sign up.

The glitter is a micro fine glitter named Glitter Ritz. It is super sparkly and once it is applied correctly it doesn’t come off all over everything like most glitters. I found some jars of this wonderful stuff at Claire’s in St. Augustine when I was there a few months ago, and I am so glad that Brenda will be carrying it at Stamper’s Alley! I also bought the gold stickers at Claire’s and the black sticker is from my sticker stash, it’s by Magenta.

Check out this glittery goodness:


These two are the same image, I just tried to get a better shot of the glitter. I colored this one with Tombow markers since the sticker is gold and I am not careful enough to keep the Copic markers away from the sticker.


This one was colored with Copic markers! OVER the glitter! I know!!


Again, colored with Copic markers but this is a die cut (Memory Box) instead of a sticker.


I bet you wanna know how I did it, don’t you? Should I tell?? Oh, alright, but you have to promise to keep it between us. Promise?

First I applied Scor Tape to a piece of white card stock, then either punched out a circle or trimmed close to the die cut by tracing around the die cut image. I removed the protective liner from the Scor Tape and applied the sticker or die cut, making sure that they were stuck down really well. Then I applied the glittery goodness and rubbed/burnished it in with my finger until no more glitter came off. It feels like velvet, it’s very soft to the touch once it is burnished down. And mucho sparkly!

I got out my markers and got to coloring! You need to be careful with the Copic markers and not to linger too long in one spot or the alcohol in the marker will cause the adhesive under the glitter to dissolve and the glitter will fall off. The colors blend so well that a lot of blending is not really necessary. The pink flower at the top was colored with Tombow markers and they take a few minutes to dry but they blend really well, too. Maybe my Tombow markers won’t be so lonely now. Once I was through coloring the butterfly I just carefully trimmed around it.

I am not sure I will put these on cards because I want to keep them as samples for the colors. I did remember to write the colors on the back, too.

Who knew you could color over glitter?? I didn’t try it with any of the others glitters in my stash but I’m pretty sure it needs to be the micro fine glitter. I did try some of the other glitters over Scor Tape and burnish them down really well, and it looks much better but some of it still comes off. The Glitter Ritz glitter is awesome!

I understand there are other techniques and they will be taught in the class, so if you are close by you really should stop in and sign up soon. There are 2 classes, Feb. 4, one on the morning and another in the afternoon, both with the same cards and technique. Two classes were scheduled to be sure that there would be enough spots, but I know they will fill up quickly.


  1. Wow, Jackie, that IS amazing! Who knew you could color over glitter...hmmm, new possibilities! Thanks for sharing the how-to directions!

  2. WOW! These are fabulous! Such gorgeous colors and glittery goodness!! Love them all.

  3. I literally gasped when these photos showed up on my screen! These are amazing, Jackie! What a neat idea - so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I LOOOVE these! I've seen people color the SU Glimmer paper with markers, so in theory, I knew it could be done. Now I mist try it myself! :)

  5. WOW!! That's amazing, Jackie! That butterfly looks like stained glass! Terrific work on all these images!

  6. Aren't these just too much fun! BFF Sabrina and I took a class before Christmas that used these products and I just love them!!!! Gorgeous creations Jackie. ~chris


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