A New Baby

One of the fur covered, four legged variety. This little adorable ball of fur wandered up, starving and cold, on to our back porch on New Year’s Eve and I was able to lure him close enough to me to snatch him up and bring him in. I don’t know where he came from but he lives with us now.


He/she (we don’t know yet) is solid back and absolutely adorable but still a little skittish, which is to be expected. We keep him in the guest bathroom at night and have begun letting him have the run of the living and dining room during the day, but he spends a lot of time sleeping under the couch.

The other 3 full grown kitties are mostly terrified of this tiny little kitten, especially Michael. We thought sure Michael would be happy to have someone to play with, since the other two cats think he’s a nuisance to be either ignored or smacked on the head. I think he was a little intimidated when the tiny cat hissed at him and didn’t back down. This little guy is a brave (or foolish) baby. I don’t know how long he was outside alone and fending for himself but he’s not afraid of big kitties at all. My best guess at his age is maybe 10 weeks or so.

He’s been out to play a little and loves his new toys. We won’t mention that they are hand-me-downs….and he wouldn’t care anyway. He’s just glad to have a warm place to sleep, people to love and pet him, and plenty of food to eat. Which, btw, he scarfs down like it’s his last meal every time.


A little play time...


All tuckered out and having a nap on mama’s feet…


Apparently this is what the other cats see when they look at him…


That would scare me, too!


  1. That last picture is hilarious, I think I need to Pin it! Very lucky kitty, you are great for taking him in.

  2. Oh, my gosh, what a fun post, Jackie! I would not have been able to resist this little guy either. Poor thing - all alone, out in the cold like that. He sure is a cutie! Love that last photo - still giggling . . . :)

  3. That is just adorable!!! What a cute kitty! I have to say that I am a bit jealous right now, I would have kept him (or her)too. That is gonna be one lucky kitty!!!

  4. OMGosh, I'd take him in, too! What a sweetie (both of you!) Please keep us posted as to his progress and his acceptance into the family!

  5. OMG! I laughed right out loud at that last picture and your comment about it. What a sweet little thing. He had to learn to be brave out there all alone. . .He sure had a huge stroke of luck finding you! Happy New Year and good luck with the new addition! Best, Curt

  6. What a cute addition to your household! That last picture is a nightmare!

  7. WAY to CUTE!!! LOVE him!!! Happy New Year my blogger friend...you are so sweet with your comments on my blog :)


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