Somebody is over the hill!

Yes, I know I am, but now my good friend Brenda Mott is, too! It’s getting crowded here on the other side of that hill. The girls got together today at O’Charley’s to celebrate her birthday, which was actually December 28. Because of the holidays this was the first chance we have had to get all of us together, and we had a wonderful time.

She is a crazy cat lady like me (well, she only has 2 cats, but that’s a good start), so I made a special gift box for the occasion. I cranked up the Silhouette and out came this. I call him Murray:


I saw the design online somewhere and was able to duplicate it and cut it out using the marvelous and magical Silhouette. The “stripes” on the kitty are cut by hand, I added a little pink heart for his nose and some white crochet thread for whiskers. Murray even comes complete with his own little kitten, Tabitha.


The kitten is made from several punches, with a little hand trimming here and there. He was the bearer of the gift - a pair of pink and black earrings, also handmade by moi. Hey, when you’re broke you gotta get a little crafty and creative.


Here is a shot of the box I made to go in between to hold the gift. I made it from plain black paper and adhered it all together with some Scor-Tape.


Thanks for stopping by and I hope your team wins this weekend. I don’t follow football but I do look forward to the Super Bowl commercials every year. I still love the FedEx commercial from several years ago - the one with the cavemen. Remember that one?


  1. OMG, this is EXACTLY like the die I just bought from Clear & Simple! I just made a card with it tonight using felt for the cat. I think he's big enough to use as a 3D item, or a box like you did. I also got the smaller dies w/ stamps, because I am weak.

    I LOVE the stripes!

  2. Murray and Tabitha are very cute :). It is crowded on this side of the hill, isn't it? I love it when people talk about thirty being old LOL! Wait till they get where I am.

  3. OH, MY!! What a terrific gift bag! That's awesome! (And I'm not a big fan of cats.)


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