Punching holes

Who knew that an ordinary hole punch, like the kind we used to use in school, could be used to make a cool card?

I saw this card on SplitCoastStampers.com and thought I’d have a go at creating an A2 version, since her instructions were for different sizes.

Here is her version:


Very pretty, clean and simple. She has instructions with both metric and standard measurements, but the cards were smaller than a regular A2 card.

Here is my version:


I did punch the circle at 1/4” in from the side and bottom, and the small holes are punched at 3/4” on center (meaning the center of the hole is 3/4” of an inch from the side of the card) in from the side and bottom, spaced 1/2” apart. Because I am not a huge fan of white space, or in this case, pink space, I added a big flower with a polka dot brad for the center. Looking at it now, I think I might try one with the side holes punched at 1/2” in, leave the bottom holes at 3/4”, and see what happens.

I am going to try to use more flowers on cards, simply because I have so many of them and I’d rather use them up than toss them out. I enjoy making my own flowers from punches and dies, but I have got to pare down my stash of silk and paper flowers. It’s beginning to bother me - adding to my overwhelmed-ness. I was scoping out my craft room yesterday in hopes of finding a way to rearrange it all so I could put a comfy chair in here somewhere, to have a place to sit and read or write a letter, or write in my journal. I’d have to get rid of quite a bit to be able to do that, and even then, I’m not sure it would fit comfortably. There has to be a better way! Or maybe I am just feeling too overwhelmed by life in general and taking it out on my craft room. Every time I think of paring down my supplies I find a reason I need to keep this or that… I’m sure you can relate. I am sure if I get rid of something I will wish I had it back next month. Haven’t we all done that a time or two?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the card and are having a good day.


  1. great card, Jackie. love the look, going to find my hole punch :)

  2. Love this idea, and I like both versions! And your animated owl is adorable, too!

  3. Very cute. I saw the top card pinned on Pinterest and I used it as inspiration to make one. You can see my version here http://everydaypaper.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/from-failure-success/


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