Sending More Smiles

Well, we’re back to other peoples ideas again. Shocking, isn’t it? Just when you thought I was on a roll, had my mojo back…..not. Oh well, I’m ok with it. As someone recently mentioned, there are very few, if any, original ideas left out there. Most are inspired by other peoples designs, just changed up a bit. Some of us don’t change them up as much. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? I’m just a good flatterer (yes, that is a word now).

Since discovering Copic markers I have neglected my other coloring mediums, especially my colored pencils. I didn’t really care for the look of colored pencils and Gamsol, at least not the way it turned out when I tried it. Colored pencils are to Copic markers as Wal Mart is to Macy’s. Or so I thought, until I saw this card on one of my favorite blogs, I’m In Haven. Gorgeous! Colored with pencils and NO Gamsol. None. Nada. Zip.

I don’t have the same stamps, but I did find some that would work. I really thought I had more open flower images that would be suitable, but I guess that’s another thing I will have to add to my ever growing wish list.


The flower stamps are from Papertrey, the Delightful Dahlia set from a couple of years ago. After embossing them with white embossing powder I colored them with orange, yellow, and white pencils. The orange pencil is a Kooh-I-Noor and I found that it sticks to the embossing powder sometimes. The Prismacolor pencils did not. Hmmm. Interesting. While editing the photo I also discovered that the embossing powder had gotten in places it wasn’t supposed to. I used the little anti-static bag, too. I think my powder may be past its prime, it has an odd odor to it, too.

I was very surprised how much I like this technique and I will be doing it more often. I think it resembles stained glass, and it is so easy. I will need a few new stamps, though. Yes, I said need. I plan on using these again and just coloring the flowers with different colors for the time being. She used some Hero Arts flowers which I had convinced myself I did not need, and now Stamper’s Alley does not have them. Isn’t that always the way it happens??? A day late and a dollar short, the story of my life.

I am off to find more cards to CASE inspiration.


  1. Looks great! I agree that it really looks like stained glass.

  2. I love this. I, too, have neglected my other coloring options. Now I must play! :)


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