Variation on a Theme

Sometimes, when my mojo has taken a hike, I look at previous cards and change them up a bit, so this is actually CASE of a recent CASE. It’s not even changed up a whole lot.

You remember this card…

043 (2)

Well, here it is again, in a slightly different version:


I used all three dies from the set this time. I’m not terribly happy with the placement of the flowers and if I make another one I will probably stick to using the same size flower for all of the cuts. The dots in the centers of the flowers are made with a black Pearl Pen because I used the last of my epoxy stickers on the last card. Those Pearl Pens are awesome! They settle right down into perfect rounded domes - I love it!

I also used the Pearl Pens and some Beads in a Bottle by Tulip (from AC Moore a while back) instead of gems because I didn’t have the matching colors in gemstones. Here’s a little close up of the lovelies.


The red, green, and purple dots are Bead in a Bottle, and they are actually in a tube. The blue and yellow are Pearl Pens - Light Blue and Sunny Yellow. The stamp is the same Penny Black background and I cannot get it to stamp solidly on Bazzill paper to save me. But I love the texture of the paper so I just fill in the dots with a marker. It’s all good.


  1. I really like both versions but I think I like the second one with the different sizes of flowers. I am going to try this!!

  2. It's not only all good, Jackie, it's all fabulous! And I love the placement of the flowers! They look beautiful! Love both cards! :)

  3. very pritty you do such good work

  4. I love this! And I have a collection (hoarding is such a negative word) of those pearl pens, too. I was thinking I could fake the background wiht a marker and draw my own dots. :)

  5. I absolutely love these! I think the placement is just fine. I LOVE that "Bead in a Bottle" stuff. Now I have to go in search of some. I think it looks better than liquid pearls. And what the heck is a Pearl Pen???? You've dropped some new stuff on me here! Best, Curt

  6. I saw this card (or one of them) on Pinterest the other day (my first visit there). I was stunned by it then. Made me do a double take. This is really outstanding!

  7. I really like both of the and cant wait to try them out!

  8. What does the inside look like? How do you get the different colors of the flower petals?


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