Ho Ho Ho!

One more Christmas card using my Tonic Studio punches. This time, it’s reindeer and a sleigh.


I don’t know why my camera has such trouble with red! Anyway, I tried to punch the reindeer in a row like they were taking off and pulling the sleigh behind them. The other 4 reindeer are obviously already airborne but I don’t know what happened to Santa ;-). I couldn’t figure out a good way to connect them with a harness of sorts, so I didn’t. My drawing skills are severely lacking and I didn’t wish to screw up the whole card by trying to draw something. Maybe it’s an invisible harness. Yeah, that’s the ticket – it’s an invisible harness. Or is it called traces? Or harnesses and traces? I don’t know.

The sentiment stamp is one I found in the dollar bin at Michael’s a couple of years ago. I colored the letters and holly with Copic markers, and added a bit of bling for the berries.

Stay tuned for more Christmas cards soon!


  1. I'm really blown away by your use of these punches. Love this one too! You made me laugh out loud with the "invisible harnesses"! You are too funny! Hugs, Curt

  2. Absolutely an invisible harness. And the other 4 reindeer are next to their partners, perfectly hidden. Santa is on a bio break. :D

  3. PS: I love that you can find nice $1 stamps. I pretty much detest all of mine and have given them away.

  4. Santa's busy delivering presents, and if he doesn't hurry, the reindeer are going to take off without him!!!


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